Computational Thinking

  • Freshmen level technology class that introduces
    students to programming and
    programming methodology.

Computer Literacy

  • Freshman level beginner computing course

Programming (I)

  • Sophomore level course that starts with languages like
    Logo, but progresses into Python 3 immersion.

Programming II(CS Principals)

  • Junior level programming course that serves
    as an Advance Python course for the first part,
    then switches to databases, robotics,
    and other, more broad topics in the second part.
    While also serving as a pre-AP course for the following year.

AP Java

  • Advanced senior class that introduces students to Java programming
    and prepares student for AP College Board exam in the Spring.

Meet the Staff


Scott Horan

Mr. Horan has been a teacher for over 40 years and started the IT/CS programs at Eastern HS, Jeffersonville HS and now Fern Creek HS.